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Connecting artists with UK 'Calls to Artists' and other UK arts opportunities.


Please Note: Due to the rise in the number of scams and profit making schemes targeting artists, we will no longer accept listings from profit making organisations or non UK based calls.
If you are a UK charity or a 'not for profit' organisation you can still add your listing for free. However we reserve the right not to show your listing on The OLIST if we cannot confirm your charitable or not for profit status from the details you submit.

The OLIST is an initiative from Interactive Technology Ltd designed to keep artists informed of key entry dates for open exhibitions and art competitions in the UK. Providing continuous information on 'Open for Entry' dates as well as highlighting exhibitions which are close to their entry deadlines. Artists sign up to receive regular notifications regarding each of the featured OESS exhibitions listed and are reminded by email when the entries are closing. It is free for artists to view and register. Registration to the OLIST also provides an artist with an OESS account which they can use for logging in and entering many of the featured OESS calls.

Registration to The OLIST is connected to the OESS (Open Exhibition Submission and Selection) system which many of the UK top open exhibitions use to manage their artist entries. This means that if you have registered with The OLIST, you can use the same login details to enter specific open exhibitions that use the OESS. Please note that the Mall Galleries manage a separate artist list so will need to register with them separately.


Register with The OLIST

  1. Registration to The OLIST to receive our monthly email newsletter which includes all the Mall Galleries Society open exhibitions, The ArtGemini Prize, RCA, SSA, The Threadneedle Prize and many more...
    You will also recieve 7 day and 48 hour email reminders of all our featured OESS listings.
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  2. Includes Registration to The OESS enabling you to use your OLIST login and password to enter many of the Featured OESS Calls on The OLIST. (Please note that exhibition entry fees will still apply.)

  3. Please Note: OESS and The Mall Galleries Open calls managed by the Mall Galleries, use a modified version of the OESS and therefore you will need to register and login using different details from your OLIST account.


Submit your Call to Artists to The OLIST

The OLIST provides a great way for curators, gallery owners and arts institutions to connect with artists who regularily enter Open Calls. We currently have 18316 registered artists and the list is growing on average at 14 new artists per day.

  1. Free Listing Submission. UK Charities and not for profit UK organisations are free to submit a Call to Artists onto The OLIST. Please note that you may be asked to provide proof of your 'not for profit' or charity status.
    £FREE .   

  2. Featured OESS Listing. The featured OESS listing section at the top of The OLIST is reserved for open exhibitions and calls to artists which use The OESS (Open Exhibition Submission and Selection) system to manage artwork entries.
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The purpose of The OLIST is to connect artists with art opportunities including open and juried exhibitions. We market The OLIST via the following methods.

  • The OLIST Newsletter is sent out to our growing list of artist subscribers (Currently 18316 registered artists) on or around the 15th of each month, and is posted on our Facebook group pages.

  • Facebook. All our Featured OESS Listings are continuously advertised on Facebook through a series of ongoing paid campaigns that reach a monthly audience in excess of 15,000 targeted artists in the UK and beyond, all interested in the arts and art opportunities. This provides a high click through rate directly to The OLIST and your artist opportunity.

  • Social Media Networking. We actively promote The OLIST to over 50 art related Facebook groups all of which have over 15,000 members connecting The OLIST with art professionals and artists worldwide and we will soon be broadening our reach with Twitter, LinkedIN and Instagram,


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